Cherry On Top by Carson Mell

Cherry On Top by Carson Mell


Cherry On Top is the hilarious, heartfelt follow up to Carson Mell’s cult novella, Saguaro, which chronicled rock legend's Bobby Bird's entire life, save for the period when the rock star was at the peak of his fame, a period that caused Bobby too much shame and embarrassment to illuminate. In Cherry On Top, Bobby Bird shines a light on one of those hilarious and harrowing years when the world was Bobby's oyster and he was absolutely out of control.

After an affair with a taken woman leads to a blood-drenched and thoroughly incriminating evening, Bobby is whisked away by the all-powerful Colony Records to their "Safe House Seven" in the middle of the Mojave Desert. As he struggles to meet the record label's demands to record a new album and a hit single, he is thrown into a life or death battle with a homicidal record producer, giant lizards, and, perhaps most of all, himself.

Arizona native Carson Mell moved to Los Angeles in the early 2000’s. With no media connections, he spent his first eight years there working odd jobs, making movies, and writing until he garnered the attention of HBO. While writing for their comedy-shows, he continued making work of his own. He has several new novels in the works and publishes as often as possible to his Substack:

152 pages, vintage paperback style. Published by SHQ Publishing, 2023.

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