Language Barrier

Language Barrier


By Hannah K. Lee

The real meaning behind emojis, the subtext of sexts, the financial cryptography of flats and pumps, and more are revealed in this witty and wonderfully drawn collection. Hannah K. Lee melds elegant typography, beautiful illustration and trenchant text to make an acerbic art book.

Hannah K. Lee was born to Korean immigrants and raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles, CA. She received a BFA in illustration at Parsons School of Design. Now in Brooklyn, she works as a commercial illustrator, letterer, and designer and is a regular self-publisher of zines and art books, which contain personal work and experiments in letterforms and production.

ISBN: 978-1-927668-47-4
5 x 7”, 128 pages, colour, trade paper

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Crickets Color Special w/ Bumper Sticker
Crickets #7 w/ Signed Oversized Postcard
$12.00 — Sold out
Crickets #6
Crickets #5
Crickets #4
Tongues #1 - 5
$13.00 - $18.00
Japanese Proletarian Flyers & Posters
Duck Comics #1
Muscle Horse
$12.00 — Coming soon
Bubbles Zine #1 - 13
$1.00 - $8.00
Super Dongs
Goiter Comics #7
Goiter Comics #6
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