R. Crumb's Head Comix - 1st Print

R. Crumb's Head Comix - 1st Print


1st Printing - Softcover / 1968 / 68 pages / Viking Press

See photos for condition.

The meteoric rise in popularity of Robert Crumb's early work in the East Village Other and Zap Comix in 1967 and 1968 quickly caught the attention of book publishers in New York, who wanted to cash in on "the fad." Several began vying for publishing rights to Crumb's work, leading to Viking Press rushing out Head Comix in late 1968. Viking printed a limited number of hardcover copies of the book along with the standard softcover edition. The 64 interior pages feature an introduction by Paul Krassner (The Realist), several comics from Zap #1 plus many others that appeared in various tabloid and magazines, like the East Village Other and Cavalier, and some Fritz the Cat stories from Help!

Head Comix also provides a representative sampling of Crumb's existing body of work, from the relative innocence of Fritz the Cat to the LSD-inspired "Ultra Super Modernistic Comics." Though these comics from 1965-1968 represent what Crumb calls his "innocent period," the concepts behind the signature characters of Mr. Natural, Schuman The Human, Flakey Floont, and Whiteman are well established. Overall, Head Comix is a terrific read of the early underground comics by Robert Crumb.

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R. Crumb's Head Comix - 1st Print Image 2 R. Crumb's Head Comix - 1st Print Image 3 R. Crumb's Head Comix - 1st Print Image 4 R. Crumb's Head Comix - 1st Print Image 5
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