Starseeds by Charles Glaubitz (VOLUME 3 OUT NOW!)

Starseeds by Charles Glaubitz (VOLUME 3 OUT NOW!)

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"A cosmic work of science fiction, conspiracy, metaphysics (and more), the Starseeds series is a phantasmagorical marvel, a visual and conceptual feat of world-building.

In Starseeds 3, Renató joins the Starseeds, Crystal and Jaguar, to save their friend, Indigo. As Renató dives deep into Indigo’s soul, Crystal defends and protects their helpless bodies from the Illuminati while Jaguar must purify his soul and energy using ancient medicine to tap into the cosmic axis tree that will save their friend. When Renato meets their mortal enemy, the Lizard King, the truth about reality is revealed, altering the course of the Starseeds’ lives as they face their greatest challenge. Meanwhile, the Beautiful Dreamers — Arco, Iris, and Hadron —travel inside the Black Women Mountain to traverse a new dimension of human thought: the Noosphere!

The past of all consciousness crescendos in Starseeds 3, as the Prophecy of the Starseeds is realized! Charles Glaubitz’s Starseeds series is an epic work of pictorial and cosmological brilliance, combining elements of metaphysics, mythology, archetypes, religion, and spirituality with comics, conspiracy, hermetic ideas, alchemy, and science. A visually arresting marvel of psychedelia art and ideas, via a story of epic conflict in tune with the works of Jack Kirby and Gary Panter, with a heavy dose of Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea’s Illuminatus! trilogy mixed in." - Fantagraphics

All volumes are approx. 240 pages (Vol. 3 - 248 pages), approx. 7.75" x 10.5", full color, hardcover. Published by Fantagraphics, 2017, 2019, 2023.

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Starseeds by Charles Glaubitz (VOLUME 3 OUT NOW!)  Image 2 Starseeds by Charles Glaubitz (VOLUME 3 OUT NOW!)  Image 3 Starseeds by Charles Glaubitz (VOLUME 3 OUT NOW!)  Image 4 Starseeds by Charles Glaubitz (VOLUME 3 OUT NOW!)  Image 5
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