Lowtide #6 by CF

Lowtide #6 by CF


Reprinted by Noel Freibert

"For the 20 year anniversary of the original printing we are pleased to offer this limited reprint of the highly sought after mini-comic in its original format: Six color screen printed cover, One color screen printed interior-cover, 60 b/w xeroxed interior pages, with sewn binding.

Low Tide #6 is an important and ill-seen body of work in CF's catalogue. It represents an aesthetic bridge between the artist's early erratic comic experiments and the highly influential Powr Mastrs series."

64 pages, approx. 5.5" x 7.25". Edition of 200.

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Lowtide #6 by CF Image 2 Lowtide #6 by CF Image 3 Lowtide #6 by CF Image 4
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